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Melissa Freeman joins ATF Medical as Senior Rehab Consultant
ATF Medical, which provides comprehensive medical ... and supervising assistive technology professionals, she conducted disability awareness training and consulted on job modification and ...

UAE ahead in offering better mobility technology for People of Determination
These products help them move around and facilitate their mobility from one place to another ... “Through working with the Medical Committee, I noticed an utter lack of disability tools in the UAE.

Sustainability and spinal cord injury: attending to climate change and disability
Of all the causes of disability, spinal cord injury (SCI) with the potential for poikilothermia, difficulties with mobility, sensory dysfunction ... plan of their home in lieu of a home visit so ...

The latest medical assistance in dying decision needs to be appealed: Here’s why
The case was brought by Nicole Gladu and Jean Truchon, two Québec residents who each have physical disabilities that severely restrict their ability to complete daily tasks, remove or reduce ...

My Doctor Said I Wouldn’t Walk. I Can.
Still, it felt wonderful to have that kind of mobility, however limited ... My doctor’s prognosis was informed by what is commonly called the “medical model” of disability, which among other things ...

Depression linked to costly chronic medical conditions and disability among aging minorities
Researchers found study participants who reported depressive symptoms were more likely to suffer from onset of functional disabilities - the inability to perform activities of daily living - and ...

Low vitamin K levels linked to mobility limitation and disability in older adults
Low levels of circulating vitamin K are linked to increased risk of mobility limitation and disability in older adults, identifying a new factor to consider for maintaining mobility and independence ...

Older adults with low circulating vitamin K levels more likely to develop mobility limitation, disability
The study, published online in May in advance of print in the Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, is the first to evaluate the association between biomarkers of vitamin K status and the onset of ...

Vitamin K Deficiency Tied to Mobility Limitation, Disability in Older Adults
The study, published in advance of print in the Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, is the first to evaluate the association between biomarkers of vitamin K status and the onset of mobility ...

Medical Mobility Aids Market : Global Industry Analysis and Upcomming Opportunities Explored to reach CAGR of 4.50% till 2023
Medical Mobility Aids Market Report covers the current situation ... home-based users with short-term or long-term disabilities based on the intensity of the disability. Thus, based on users and the ...

Low vitamin K levels linked to mobility limitation and disability in older adults
The study, published online in May in advance of print in the Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, is the first to evaluate the association between biomarkers of vitamin K status and the onset of ...

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