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Skin care brand Sunday Riley wrote fake Sephora reviews for almost two years, FTC says
(CNN)Skin care brand Sunday Riley settled with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Monday after the company was accused of posting fake reviews of their products on Sephora's website for two years.

Probiotics for acne and skin care: 8 products to try
A dysfunctional microbiome can also increase premature aging and sensitivity, meaning your skin begins to burn or sting unpredictably when you use certain skin care products. Reintroducing those good ...

Can Any Retinol-Based Skin-Care Product Really Be Considered 'Clean'?
It's understandable: These are among the most extensively studied ingredients in skin care, they're profitable and, above all, they work. Really well. So well that even "non-toxic" beauty brands shrug ...

I’m a Beauty Editor With Sensitive Skin and These Are the 11 Holy Grail Skin-Care Products I Use (Almost) Every Day
But in the background I also make sure I stick to a solid, consistent routine made up of simple, gentle skin-care products to keep my sensitive skin as calm as possible. And, I make sure to keep an ...

Flamingo Launches New Vagina-First Skin Care Product And Campaign
Since launching a year ago, Flamingo has designed products for women to care for their bodies how they see fit in the realm of shaving ... Mons Mist conditioning spray, $12, Mons Mist ...

I’ve been using these drugstore skin-care products for more than 9 years — here’s why they’re ideal for my sensitive skin
Simple Skincare was developed for people with sensitive skin, and products are free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrance, and more. Here are three of my favorite products.

Lili Reinhart shared her 3 go-to skin care products, and we’re listening
Reinhart recently shared her three go-to skin care products—plus details about how she uses them—and we’re taking notes. One of the main reasons fans love Reinhart is because she’s so damn relatable.

Should Your Skin-Care Routine Include Squalane? Experts Break Down the Hydrating Ingredient
"The amount of sebum in the skin decreases as we age, leaving skin dry and vulnerable," says Catherine Gore, president of Biossance, a skin-care brand whose entire line is based on the hydrating ...

Birkenstock — yes, like the shoes — is launching a skin care line
Birkenstock is dipping their proverbial toes into skin care products. The Germany-based company is launching a full skin care line this fall, featuring a material for which they’re best known: cork.

The future of skin care is genderless, which is a win for everybody
For as long as I can remember, there were two sides to skin-care aisles: Those lined with bottles brimming with floral scents and feminine touches and those that were sturdy and gray, meant to signify ...

Skin Care Products Market Future Forecast Indicates Impressive Growth Rate
Oct 17, 2019 (Market Prediction via COMTEX) -- According to ARC’s latest market research report, The global Skin Care Products Market worth $184 billion by 2026 and growing CAGR around 4.5 % during ...

Skin care brand Sunday Riley wrote fake Sephora reviews, FTC says
Sunday Riley appears on stage as QVC presents Beauty Bash at The Fillmore Philadelphia on June 8, 2019, in Philadelphia. Sunday Riley appears on stage as QVC presents Beauty Bash at The Fillmore ...

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