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DIY Manicure And Pedicure: 15 Essentials For At-Home Nail Care
OPI Nail At Home Manicure Kit Essentials and Treatments, $16.50 — Take your nails from drab to fab with this convenient kit of nail essentials. The set includes a gentle nail polish remover, a super ...

Missing The Nail Salon? Master The Gel Manicure At Home
Alice Mc Nails, the brand ambassador of Mylee Beauty offers her top tips when it comes to mastering the gel manicure at home.

This $19 nail kit gives you a spa-like pedicure at home
We’ve all been there before: After going too long between pedicures, you glance down at ... Thankfully, this pedicure kit has saved my feet throughout isolation and can save yours, too.

Step Up Your Home Pedicures With This Soothing Heat-Powered Foot Spa
RELATED: This Nail Kit Is the Easiest Way to Get a Salon-Worthy Manicure At Home “I bought this because I love pedicures, but hate paying for them as often as I'd like to get them,” wrote one ...

At-Home Spa Day Ideas for Treating Your Feet
Professional pedicures and spa services can be expensive ... Shape & Buff Nails With A Pedicure Kit Although portable pedicure kits don’t include polish or top coats, they come with everything ...

People say this $16 tool ‘completely healed’ their cracked heels
Another wrote, “Let’s be honest — pedicures can be expensive ... get the ultimate spa treatment with this $24 at-home wax kit.

Best gel nail kits for 2020 - get salon worthy nails at home
This starter kit from Sensationail comes with enough of everything to give you up to 10 salon-worthy manicures of pedicures. As well as a LED lamp, a priming solution and cleaner; it also comes ...

9 Best Manicure Sets for You: An Easy Buying Guide
Nail clippers not made in Germany Not as long lasting as high carbon steel Too sharp for young ones to use on their own This Three Swords eight-piece manicure & pedicure kit is about the most ...

People say this $16 tool ‘completely healed’ their cracked heels
Another wrote, “Let’s be honest — pedicures can be expensive. This tool gives you the ability of [having] the same beautiful heels at home so you can save some money.” It’s important to ...

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