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Chandigarh’s salon and spa association writes to admn for permission to restart operations
As per the letter, many spas will have to shut down if they aren’t allowed to operate, as they have to pay rent and salaries ...

How your hair salon or barbershop could be different after coronavirus
No reception area. No walk-ins. Empty booths. Those are some of the changes customers can expect see as hair salons and barber shops begin to reopen across the USA.

When Peabody Salon Reopens, It Won't Be Business As Usual
Lifestyles Hair Studio and Day Spa will try to recapture its relaxing atmosphere when it reopens after a two-month shutdown next week.

Orange County nail salon leaders celebrate 100th donation event with healthcare workers
Nail salon industry leaders in Orange County celebrated their 100th donation event as the governor announced salons may open as early as June.

Sneak peek at hair salon, nail shop with new social distance setups before re-opening Friday (photos)
Nearly two months after Gov. Mike DeWine shut down hair and nail salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors and spas, they are permitted to reopen starting Friday.

Fed-Up NJ Hairdressers, Barbers Rally In Verona: ‘Let Us Reopen’
It wasn’t about politics, organizers say. Here’s their proposal to “safely and legally” reopen salons and barbershops amid the COVID crisis.

Mohali salon owners heave sigh of relief
Salon owners heaved a sigh of relief after the administration allowed the opening of salons in the district after almost two months.

‘My phone is blowing up’: Spokane salon will spend months meeting needs of clients with quarantine hair
With Spokane County’s Friday move into Phase 2 of the state’s Safe Start reopening plan, hair salons and barbershops were allowed to get clients back in their chairs and take care of their neglected ...

Watch now: Expect some changes during your next trip to the barbershop or salon
Think you’re in dire need of a haircut? Your barber or hair stylist couldn’t agree more. With barbershops and hair salons included in ...

Disinfectant and face masks: GTA salon chain makes plans to reopen in new reality
With temperature checks, masks and physical distancing, your post-pandemic hair appointments might feel a little different than they used to.

Pala Band of Mission Indians Announces Plans to Reopen Pala Casino Spa & Resort on May 22
The Pala Band of Mission Indians today announced plans to reopen Pala Casino Spa & Resort on Friday, May 22 at 10 a.m. In an effort to protect the health and safety of guests and team members and to ...

A look at how Montreal hair salons and spas will operate once they reopen
Hair salons and spas in the Greater Montreal area are preparing to reopen while waiting for the green light from the provincial government.

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