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Best tanning oils to try for summer 2020
If you're wanting to cook in the sun for as long as is (safely) possible, you'll want to go far a tanning oil with lots of protection against harmful UV rays - the higher the better but remember ...

Simple steps when outside can help reduce your risk of skin cancer
With warm summer days around the corner, it’s important for everyone to protect themselves and stay safe in the sun.

15 Best Self Tanners to Give Your Face and Body a Gradual Glow
The best thing you can do for your skin is protect it with a high broad-spectrum SPF. The anti-aging benefits of this kind of sun protection are profound, but head-to-toe coverage also drastically ...

Governor relents, allows tanning salons to reopen May 21
I never dreamed in all my life that we would’ve gotten all these calls in regards to the tanning businesses or tanning beds,” Gov. Jim Justice said at the start of his Wednesday coronavirus pandemic ...

8 tanning mitts for a flawless fake tan
We're all too familiar with the impacts of inadequate sun protection: a ghastly burn ... What if the magic was in the application? Tanning mitts have never been so advanced, with varieties ...

Sun worshippers: Indonesians soak up the rays to battle coronavirus
From shirtless soldiers to teens sun-tanning on their parents’ driveways, Indonesians are soaking up rays like never before in the hope that plentiful sunshine will ward off coronavirus.

Ask a Doctor: Will a base tan protect my skin from sunburn?
Q: I've always heard that you should lay out for short periods of time and get a base tan before spending any significant time in the sun so you ... base tan offers no protection again sunburn ...

Best sun creams for tanning to buy in 2020 for a natural looking glow
Remember SPF15 is only medium protection so always stay out of ... Price on-point, too. The best sun creams for tanning will have a good SPF factor (the higher the better) and deliver a natural ...

Follow The Sun Tanning
We pride ourselves on providing the absolute finest in tanning, with only the “BEST” lotions and ... simply closing them or wearing outdoor sunglasses while you tan is not adequate protection against ...

How Maui Babe Browning Lotion Helps You Get Your Tan On
No matter the strength of the SPF, or sun protection factor, in your sunscreen, it will not stop the lotion's tanning ability. If you do use a sunscreen, it is best to apply the sunscreen and wait for ...

If this woman’s post-skin cancer surgery photo doesn’t deter you from tanning, nothing will
But there’s nothing healthy or sexy about skin cancer, and one woman is hoping her post skin cancer surgery photos will ... old mom who now practices safe sun protection, but as a teenager ...

Fantastic year for self-tan firm Tancream
Tancream, which manufactures the world’s first skin cream to combine SPF50 and ultra UVA sun protection with self-tanning agents, has seen its turnover soar by a third after securing its first ...

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