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Kara Keough Debuts Tattoo of Late Son McCoy's First Initial — with His 'Ashes in the Ink'
"He can stay forever in my arms this way," Kara Keough Bosworth explained of the tattoo she got in honor of her son, who died shortly after his April birth ...

Cardi B Just Unveiled Her Finished Back Tattoo — & It’s Huge
Cardi finished the caption by thanking her artist Jamie Schene, who revealed that the art piece took over 60 hours to complete. "60+ hours, more than 10 cities," Schene wrote in his own Instagram post ...

Cardi B shows off huge, floral back tattoo
Cardi B shared on Instagram this weekend a photo of a colorful new tattoo that goes from the base of her neck, down her back to her buttocks and thigh.

Cardi B Shows Off Massive New Floral Tattoo in Bikini: 'I'm Finally Finished'
Cardi B has some impressive new ink. In a new Instagram post on Friday (May 22), the rapper proudly revealed her giant colorful back tattoo, which features various types of flowers, a butterfly and a ...

Cardi B Reveals Massive New Back Tattoo
Cardi B's body now plays host to a massive new art installation ... because the ink has just dried on her insanely colorful back tattoo.

Cardi B Shares Her Giant Back Tattoo in Progress Amid Quarantine
Quarantine isn't going to stop Cardi B from getting her body art! The 27-year-old rapper took to her Instagram Stories this week to show off a massive back tattoo in progress from California tattoo ...

8 royals who have surprised us with their tattoos and body art: From Kate Middleton to Duchess Camilla
Did you know, tattoos have a long history within the royal family? From Camilla Parker-Bowles to Kate Middleton and Princess Sofia, these are the royals who've dabbled with tattoos in the ...

Some tattoo shop owners say business will never be the same
Italiana Anderson Tattoo shop owners face major challenges navigating the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. After months of being closed, shops are now allowed to open with new guidelines such as daily ...

Surreal Fine-Lined Tattoos Inspired by Scientific and Strange Subjects
I like to push myself every day finding inspiration from all around me and trying to go beyond the shallow in what I see.” ...

This Photo Of Cardi B’s New Back Tattoo Shows Off The Next-Level Design
Cardi B's entire backside was the canvas for her most intense tattoo yet. Fans know Cardi is super expressive when it comes to what she permanently inks on her body, but the latest work of art is ...

'This is not going to stop us': NJ tattoo parlors ready to adapt to life after pandemic
New Jersey tattoo artists talks about what has been keeping them busy during the quarantine and what will happen when they can return to work.

Cardi B Just Unveiled a Massive New Back Tattoo
Cardi B has added to her ever-growing collection of body art with what might just be her biggest tattoo yet: an elaborate floral design that stretches all the way down her back and across her upper ...

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