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How to (Safely and Hygienically) Tattoo Yourself, According to Tattoo Artists
Never ever use stuff you have at home,” says Austin-based tattoo artist Jack Ervin of Bad Bad Tattoo. “Sewing needles, hand soap, and pen ink are iconic DIY-tattoo implements, and I could never ...

When salons, spas and tattoo parlors will reopen in Indianapolis
Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett announced plans for Stage 3 of Indianapolis' reopening on Wednesday, including plans for personal services such as salons and tattoo parlors. Here's what you need to ...

State Guidelines Keep Miami Tattoo Shops in Reopening Purgatory
Briga, a 30-year-old tattoo artist, has been sitting at home, anxiously waiting for the Coconut Grove tattoo parlor where she works to reopen. On March 15, five days before Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos ...

COVID-19: 'Ink Master' artists criticize Florida tattoo studio shutdown
Florida tattoo studios remain closed, though DeSantis let hair salons, barber shops and nail salons reopen last week during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tattoo studios, wedding venues seek approval to reopen
Tattoo studios and wedding venues were among the businesses making presentations Thursday to the state's reopening task force.

Do Tattoo Shops Have a First Amendment Right To Remain Open During a Pandemic?
There was no mention of letting tattoo artists get back to work. "We were closed with salons, barbers, tanning salons and the like," the Oxford, Ohio, tattooist Steve Cupp told WLWT5. "And we assumed ...

Ink Master tattoo artist eager to reopen after going from $2,000 a day to $0 during Texas closure
Dallas-based tattoo artist Deanna James was packing her needles and ink to head to Oklahoma — where tattoo parlors were still open — when she got word ...

Shreveport tattoo shop owner gives away free PPE for essential workers and those in need during COVID-19
Red Handed Tattoo shop owner, Micah Harold isn’t opening back up for business until phase 3 of reopening for the state, but that’s not stopping him ...

Winston-Salem spa and tattoo shops racing to prepare for customers as North Carolina enters phase 2
While two businesses in the Triad may have a totally different business model, both businesses are doing the exact same thing to keep customers and staff safe right now.

Local tattoo artists adjust to reopening with continued sanitization efforts
When Gov. Greg Abbott announced Monday that tattoo parlors could reopen effective immediately, the response from enthusiasts was also immediate.

Longview tattoo parlors reopen to waiting customers with Abbott's blessings
Tyler Weisenberger, owner of Red Rooster Tattoo on East Marshall Avenue in Longview, said he has fielded 10 to 15 calls a day from customers during a statewide shutdown to ...

Stick-and-Poke Tattoos Are Giving People Stuck at Home a Sense of Control
“I thought, Why not give myself a tattoo?” Phin purchased supplies from Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit, an online retailer that specializes in kits containing tattoo needles, ink and sanitary supplie ...

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