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Four in five Bali henna tattoo artists use chemical that can cause permanent scars
Australians risk horrific burns and permanent scarring by getting dodgy $10 black henna tattoos on holiday in Bali. Tourists to the holiday island and other Asian destinations often get temporary ...

'That's when we started to worry': Man's tattoo regret after boy's trip to Bali
Just a day after a Sydney man got a tattoo in Bali his skin flared up, causing a serious infection which landed him in hospital. Tom Birkin was with his friends in Bali, when the group decided to get ...

A Vibrant Indian-Fusion Wedding With Cherry Blossom Portraits, Henna Tattoos, and Elegant Tablescapes
Tabletops were decorated with tall gold centerpieces, which displayed lush florals, and temporary tattoos with the couple’s faces were scattered at each place setting. Signature drinks included French ...

A rose by any other name would be a liar
How could this story he made up actually be true? We all had a good laugh at his expense as we finally explained that my daughter had put a temporary rose tattoo on her thigh just to make him sweat.

Charleston-area sailors are praising looser Navy tattoo regs. But SC state law lags behind.
Tattoos are permanent, but service in the Navy is temporary. Both Watson and Cooley estimate that they will be back in civilian clothes within a year. What will they reflect on, after their time at ...

Centralia’s Old School Tattoo Starts ‘Hope Project for Kids’
“The kids can come sit in the chair at our booth and we can give them little ‘tattoos’ as our way of giving them a treat for ‘trick or treat,’ ” said Abert. The artists need to be able to purchase ...

Matt Agnew reveals Chelsie McLeod made duplicates of the tattoo from their first meeting
He was impressed when she gave him a temporary tattoo of the love chemical oxytocin on The Bachelor. Now Matt Agnew has revealed his love Chelsie McLeod actually had more than one copy made of the ...

Dangerous 'black henna' tattoos leaving Bali tourists with permanent scars
Tom Birkin's boys' trip to Bali left a mark for all the wrong reasons. After getting what was supposed to be a temporary henna tattoo on his face, the Sydneysider broke out in a blistering infection ...

Boy, 11, left with horrific chemical burns after henna tattoo caused infection
Charlie Gaughan got the temporary inking the night before flying home from Spain, before the pigment started flaking off and the schoolboy was left with a painful-looking burn that became infected ...

Man's tattoo regret after boy's trip to Bali
Authorities are warning about black henna after a man ended up in hospital days after getting a temporary tattoo in a popular tourist spot in Bali.

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