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Natural remedies and cancer: What’s the truth?
Today, we look at the effectiveness if natural/ herbal treatment of cancer. Cancer ravages and the need to find a cure or even relief is so strong that we can never rule out natural remedies. Allen ...

Beware, natural is not always safe: Home remedies that can make you sick
Shutterstock It is the trend today to turn to home remedies for everything from losing weight to increasing sex drive to even fighting cancer. But are these alternative and natural treatments really ...

Natural Remedies For Flea And Tick
You can go for organic pest control products containing botanicals, citrus oil, mineral compounds, and natural baits. Topical essential oil solution or herbal solutions can also be used for that ...

Why you should swap Botox for Hibiscus and other natural ageing alternatives
After six years of research, Charlotte, now 60, has just launched her signature range, Age Defy+ by Cha Vøhtz, a natural skincare regime that uses a blend of innovative plant-based alternatives ... or ...

Lionville Natural Pharmacy celebrates its 40th year
becoming Lionville Natural Pharmacy and Health Food Store. “Our Mission changed to Creating Healing Awareness by Integrating Alternative & Traditional Medicine,” saod Ben. From 1992-2015 the facility ...

3 Natural Remedies To Help Manage Chronic Pain
That’s why a lot of people with chronic pain conditions would prefer not to rely on medications and find other alternatives instead. If you feel the same, it may be worth trying some of these natural ...

Study Finds More Americans are Experimenting With Alternative Wellness Remedies
"Younger generations have grown up with Medical Marijuana so they are already onboard with legal, hemp CBD. Older generations are interested as well, and their attitudes are now clearly shifting to be ...

Sanifruit's alternative to Geotrichum candidum
Natural extracts have numerous molecules (essential oils ... The combination of both types of compounds and our experience with them over more than 30 years has allowed Sanifruit market alternative ...

Natural crystal deodorants contain aluminum
However, I thought that natural crystal deodorants containing ... It is used in water treatment plants to help solidify floating particles so the water looks clear. Alum is also used in pickling.

Preventing antibiotic resistance through natural remedies
Key speakers from Pukka, universities, and GP clinics from across the UK, spoke about ongoing research, the predicament and pressures of GPs, as well as current and future strategies to regulate the ...

United States Cough, Cold and Allergy (Hay Fever) Remedies Markets, 2014-2018 & 2019-2023: Natural Alternatives Lead To Losses Among Some Big Names in
Forecasts to 2023 illustrate how the market is set to change. Cough, cold, and allergy (hay fever) remedies maintained its position as the largest category within OTC products in the US in 2019.

Professor pioneers natural treatment for sick animals
I thought of researching to find alternative remedies and was very impressed by a naturopathy conference I attended in Madurai in 2000. They were advocating natural ingredients to treat veterinary ...

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