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‘Killing Eve’: Three Close Brushes With The Grim Reaper, And One Direct Hit
Death is in the air on ’Killing Eve,’ and someone bit the dust on this season’s penultimate episode of the BBC America assassin series.

High-Performing Makeup Brushes For The Perfect Highlight
This densely packed and ultra-soft angled brush allows you to contour and highlight with both cream and powder highlighters. The design and shape allows for extra precision and co ...

Suriname president brushes off murder conviction in re-election bid
Few leaders have a shadow that hang over Suriname's President Desi Bouterse: a former coup leader, convicted of murder and drug smuggling.

Jacqueline Jossa brushes aside marriage drama as she promotes her new In The Style range
The former EastEnders star, 27, brushed aside rumours surrounding her marriage to Dan, 28, as she promoted her with In The Style nightwear range on Instagram on Monday.

The 6 Best Bronzer Brushes
Your bronzer brush is just as important as your bronzer when trying to achieve a sun-kissed look. The best bronzer brushes have fluffy bristles for smooth, lightweight coverage over your foundation.

The 4 Best Stippling Brushes
Whether you're a professional makeup artist or a newbie, a stippling brush can help you create an "airbrushed" look with its two layers of bristles and a flattened application surface. But with so ...

This "brush spa" quickly cleans and reshapes makeup brushes back to their original state
Makeup brushes need to be cleaned often to prevent bacteria and makeup buildup. But over time, washing makeup brushes can also weaken and fray the bristles, making the makeup brushes harder to use.

Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean and Bacteria Free
Brush up on the right way to keep your makeup brushes clean and bacteria free. Dr. Anna Guanche, Founder of Bella Skin Institute, shared tips with California Live on how to keep your makeup brushes as ...

The 5 Best Toilet Brushes
While it might not be the most luxurious purchase you've made lately, the best toilet brushes can be functional and attractive. At first glance, most toilet brushes will look pretty similar, but ...

Housing minister brushes off $13b request
The federal housing minister has shaken his head at the construction industry's request for a $13 billion stimulus package, saying support is already available.

Capture One releases Nikon-specific version, also adds improved clone and healing brushes
Capture One showed off an upcoming update during a livestream presentation. Today, Capture One released this teased update, which is free for current Capture One 20 users.

Fiona Stiles Shared the Cutest Way to Separate Dirty and Clean Makeup Brushes
For those of us that like to collect (or, more accurately, hoard) makeup brushes, washing all of them can be a dreaded task. Even separating the ones that need to be cleaned from the ones that don't ...

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